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berkay ünlükoç
this is the website of the man whose name written above. lives in ankara. married. writes on his diploma: architect . 1996 graduate of METU Architecture Faculty... Realized his existence at the age of 8 or 9 while going down the stairs of his apartment, exactly between second and third levels. when in high school he was drawing surrealist pencil drawings and oil painting reproductions . started playing guitar at that time, loves electroguitar much, now piano a little. a fan of joe satriani . life without change is not converging. discovering himself each day, while changing everyday. always one step ahead. once he wrote computer games . every human is a piece of art, but some are masterpiece. Some of the most beloved masterpieces are bertrand russell, david lynch, andrew latimer, zaha hadid, atatürk . a classic mercedes enthusiast and the owner of a unique 1982 model 230CE. these days he is mostly dealing with architecture . his latest idea is a residence in alacaatli. on the other hand with some of his friends he is working under the name of city and design , producing projects on the city and its environment. city, is a beatufiul hobby with all of its elements. if you ask what is the correlation of these projects with ismdictionary , the answer will be no. he is addicted to music. majority of his archive is full of rock, particularly progressive rock albums. nowadays listening mostly White Stripes, Neil Young and Killing Joke . watching the sparkling sea excites him so much. our hero, besides many other things, also tried to write a novel once, which now awaits to be finished. although he likes to watch his experimental planted aquarium he can only give little time to it. cinematographers are big hearted people, as they gift new worlds and lives to us. isn't lost highway a masterpiece? ideas ideas ideas... constantly flowing ideas. you are dead the moment you can not think... happiness is a skill.

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