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Villa Alacaatlı, Çayyolu-Ankara

The villa is situated on a sloping terrain which has a total of 6m difference between front and rear ends. It is aimed to be in a harmony with this slope. As the building is 4 storeys high a possible apartment like effect has to be avoided. Therefore the mass is cut back with the slope thus forming terraces. Exit to the ground is provided at each level. The effort to harmonize with the nature and the terrain emphasized with an inner garden. This two storey high courtyard like garden is a private outdoor space for the house holders and as it is not reachable from outside, provides a safe natural ventilation possibility. The entrance is reached via the ramp or the staircases from the main road. At the entrance level the living spaces are divided into two parts as living and media room. The kitchen and the inner garden is placed between these two zones. The bedrooms at the first level are planned to provide private zones for each. The glass greenhouse at the roof level is reached with the lift. On the north there is the working place which sits like the satellite of the main body. This satellite different from the rest is in steel structure and has metal panel coverings. A multi-purpose space and a spa-center is situated at the basement, which also have exit to the ground. The ground source heat pump runs with the electricity produced by photovoltaic panels at the roof gives the villa a zero-emission label. Carefully dealt isolation details and recyclable materials are other green features of the villa. With the form and materials the villa is planned to have a modest, yet noble character. The source of inspiration for the building were classics like Villa Savoye, Villa Dall'ava, Fallingwater and has some references from them.

2009 - project