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IDEA-1 Apartments Belek, Antalya

IDEA-1 Apartments are located at a corner plot in the rapidly developing touristic region Belek. Dynamism and diversity is sought in an environment where consistently repeating rectangular prisms are common, which is often associated with the current zoning scheme. Basically, the block is formed by deconstructing two identical cubes. Though the solid and void projections, the starting form of cube and equilateral prism can still be perceived. Regulations did not permit a flat roof, so the desired cubic appearance is achieved with hidden roof. Six units that form each block all have different size, character and plan. The whole block is formed out of these units, some with two storey high spaces, which entails a hard puzzle that has to be solved in the third dimension. The idea of offering unique solutions to each unit's users, in contrast to cloned plans that an ordinary apartment would have, was worth this struggle. The load bearing concrete walls forms the outer shell. This shell was originally planned to be formed with white cement, but due to the technical impossibilities of the region it is formed with self leveling concrete and then painted in white.

2008 - constructed