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City Library of Cork, Cork - Ireland

Access to knowledge has completely changed with the computer age, which also forced a change for the libraries. With the more popular needs of the modern age libraries will no more be a temple of books in the new century. Library of Cork aims to be a "user" oriented library opposed to the "book" oriented libraries of the past. In this library there are no bookshelves, instead the users choose spaces, the so called capsules, according to their number, learning style etc. and the books and the information finds them there. Conventional print books are stored in huge stores and carried automatically to these learning capsules. Users access to the books in a couple of minutes without moving. The used books are collected by the system and carried automatically to the sorting room. Capsules for single or multiple users offer access to both audio and visual materials. The spaces like shopping and eating are placed in spaces facing to the main street.

2005 - Ideas competition entry